Stationery Items Gift to KAJOL for her upcoming PSC Exams

  • Mastul Foundation
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  • October 26, 2017

For many students the end of year exams are stressful enough as it is, but not having the right stationery will add to the pressure, and will make the whole experience that much worse. Every child have to make sure they have all the items they need so that focusing on the task in hand is the number one priority during their exams. Realizing that they are missing something essential in the middle of their exam will just add panic and stress to the situation, which is exactly what we are looking to avoid.

As PSC exam is going to start from 19th Nov MASTUL Foundation gifted some essential stationary items for Kajol (10) one of  sponsored child. Thanks to sponsor of Kajol. Without any sponsors help we are not able to fill up their needs. These items was very important for Kajol as she is a PSC candidate this year of 2017.


With this gift she can give all her exams without any tension and wasting a single minutes asking any items from her friends. Her mother wants her daughter to study as she wanted to study in her childhood but cycle or poverty gave her that opportunity. She thought as she was a girl she got less opportunity to read.

Every girl got the equal right to education. Because she is a girl she should all the opportunity to study, grow and make her dream true.



Best wishes to Kajol for her upcoming exams. And Thanks to Taniza Mazed who is proud sponsor of Kajol. Child Sponsorship means change a child’s life in a better way. We are really grateful to all of our supports.


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